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About St. Louis Bath & Renovation

STL Bath & Renovation is all about family!  We are a family-owned business that knows what it takes to make a house a home.   Rob and Lisa Very are proud, not only of their own family but of you becoming a part of the

St. Louis Bath & Renovation Family! 

White Bathroom

Our Process

Choosing the right contractor is a daunting task for most homeowners.  With potentially hundreds of remodeling contractors competing for any given job, how do you begin to decide on the right company to remodel your home?

At St. Louis Bath & Renovation, our goal is to make dealing with this ever-growing industry an easy and stress-free experience. We truly believe that you deserve to see only high-quality contractors bidding on your project. 

Every business decision we make is guided by our mission statement:


Simplify the home remodeling and bathroom business to help homeowners make informed decisions and produce quality work. 

Pre Remodel Design

Your home or bathroom remodel begins with YOUR vision for your project.

Tell us your visualized dream remodel and we'll show you the steps to make your ideas happen

Design & Remodel Estimate

We will consult with you to truly understand the vision of the project you have in mind  


Once we know what specific remodel style you aim for, We will gladly build an estimate to fit your budget

Free Online consultations

We believe in hearing what the customer wants, and what will fit your needs best, after all, this home or bathroom remodel is for you. With our online consultation we like to collaborate with the customer and give them ideas for the look they always wanted 


The Finishing


Once the project is completed, you'll walk the project with our project manager to make sure everything has been completed to your level of satisfaction! Quality is our number one priority and we ensure your project will meet your standards

Our Quality Guarantee

Not only will our contract spell out the expectations so we're all on the same page, but after the job is completed we'll review the work and make sure you're totally enthralled with the job!  Let's face it, anybody can promise something to be done but at St. Louis Bath & Renovation, we'll walk you through the project to complete satisfaction.  That's why we've earned the highest honors and recognition from our customers!  

We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is!

Create your dream home remodel.
Tell us about your project today.

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