What people are saying

"...I thought that since we had done it before that we would be able to deliver like we were pros. The class taught both of us new techniques for a better labor and delivery and just helped us set aside time to focus on the arrival of our baby girl. I'm excited to use the music portion during and after labor and delivery..."  (following the birth)  "I love all the playlists that we received. I love sitting with our baby feeding her or rocking her to the music or dancing.... I listen to them all the time." -K


"My birth experience with music therapy was GREAT!!!  When planning to get pregnant I had no idea I was going to have a doula.  All I knew is that we wanted to get pregnant. Once I did get my doula it was short notice but everything worked out and we were able to bring into the world a baby girl named K.  The music really helped make the time go past faster and also helped me sleep a little.  It was so amazing because I remember some songs playing and singing along and some I don't remember hearing at all.  One song that will always stand out and make me smile when ever I hear it is Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder. That's the song that was playing when I was able to finally see my baby for the first time!  I wouldn't change my experience for the world. One of the best choices I made."-Mother who used MTACB for the birth of her child

"I loved how informative the classes were about the birthing process even after experiencing it first hand, but more importantly, it mentally and emotionally prepared my husband and me for birth.  Listening to the music regularly throughout my pregnancy helped us get in the birthing mindset...I found it very therapeutic both in preparing for my upcoming birth and in healing from the one with my first child.  We had such a great experience with the class that we hired Maura to be our doula and music therapist during the birth and it was everything I always imagined a birth would be.  Maura helped me stay calm and focused during anxious times and she helped guide my husband on how he could best support me.  We honestly could not have had a better experience and I know it is because of all of our hard work with Maura in the class and having her there to support us."-G

"My husband and I started our birth process with Maura by taking a private birthing class with her.  The class was amazing and totally different then anything else you can find in St. Louis.  My favorite part of the whole class was that we wrote a lullaby for our son that I still sing to him every night before bed.  Once the class ended we started the fun waiting game for our little guy to arrive.  Maura was a great support system from the start by answering any questions I had.  At 37 weeks and 1 day my water broke in the middle of the night, however my contractions took many hours to really get started. At one point I remember turning to her and trying to encourage her to go home.  She turned to me and said I am here for you, I do not need to go home.  I was blown away with her dedication to helping me through this process.  It was around this time I broke down, got a much needed pep talk from my powerful doula.  We started a new playlist and said lets do this!  Within a few hours I made major process and became fully dilated.  We all know what happens next, I pushed and our sweet little guy was born.  Maura was an amazing addition to our birthing team and I can't praise her enough.  But if someone asked me what it is that I think makes Maura one of the best doulas in St. Louis I would have to say it is her network into the birthing community.  It was all of the information and help she gave me postpartum that has stood out to me.  After my son was born she referred me to many different people to help me with issues that came up like the beginning signs of flat head, lip tie, even painful sex, which I am happy to say none of which are an issue anymore. The bond we share is strong and I want to share this wonderful support system I have found with other Moms in my community. "-K

"The moment we met Maura, we knew it was a perfect match. We instantly fell in love with her and all of the services she offered. We are first time parents and had no idea what to expect during labor and delivery. The classes were so informative, fun, and supportive - we felt so supported and prepared after the classes. During labor, Maura offered many different positions and 'tricks'. I had a very long labor that just was not progressing, but Maura was there the entire time. She helped me feel so powerful and encouraged me through the whole thing. Then, my doctor suggested a c-section for the health of my baby. Maura was there by my side through the whole thing. First to talk about my feelings since things had taken a turn we weren't expecting, then through the c-section, and continued through recovery. My husband and I agree that having Maura by our side made everything more manageable. We felt calm and like we were making informed decisions and from a relaxed state. As I look back on my birth experience, it did not go as I had always planned, but I love the story. I love all of the support and encouragement I had. It just wouldn't have been the same without Maura."-K

"Maura was so supportive, long before labor began. Between her class and her prenatal appointments, she was there for me in preparing for my birth, my way. During labor, her presence was a perfect balance between giving verbal support and direction and silent grounding. Her use of music was seamless, as well as her use of acupressure. Thanks, Maura!!"-V


"I really enjoyed the benefits from having a doula! My husband and I took the CAB class prior to the birth of our daughter and she still (at 8 months) calms when we sing the song we created for her in utero. 

With my first child, I did not have a doula and although that birth ended in a cesarean I still was not convinced I needed one this time around. I am so glad I decided to go with a doula and especially Maura. I was once again induced and Maura met me at the hospital at a time that I felt comfortable. She wasn't pushy and didn't mind the long wait time that comes with an induction. When I began to feel uncomfortable she assisted with essential oils and pain reduction techniques through touch. As labor intensified I began to see signs of what went wrong with my first delivery. As I began to feel anxious and frustrated Maura and her team were able to keep me calm and I regained control over my birth. My daughter was born healthy and Maura made sure that my postpartum wishes were also carried out when the room was full of people and excitement. Maura and her team were even able to record my birth while my husband assisted me in pushing (something that may have been forgotten if we were alone).

Just the other day my husband mentioned that he believed that having a doula was very useful when it came to helping the mother advocate for herself and remember what she wanted when things got a little crazy. Maura did this for us. If you are looking for a doula, I highly recommend Maura." -S