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Beyond Pandora-Playlist Workshop-Highland, IL

  • 905 13th St. Higland, IL (map)

So many couples go into labor with music, get half way through, and turn it off.

They missed out on the power of music for birth because they just didn't understand how to use music during birth!

This actually happened to me during my first birth. Even though I had a music therapy degree, I had never learned how to use music for BIRTH. A few years later, I learned what I could have done better with my music and now my team and I want to share some simple techniques with you.

This fun workshop is for pregnant people and their birth buddies (2 persons per enrollment) who want to use music during their birth.

This course is taught by board certified music therapists who are trained in the therapeutic use of music for pregnancy, birth, and post-natally.

You will learn

  • the power of music regardless of your birth plan, expectations, or outcome
  • what kinds of music you should have
  • how to organize your music so you can use it easily on the day of your birth
  • your birth buddy will know and understand when to play certain kinds of music

$75 per enrollment (includes pregnant person and birth buddy)

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