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Summer Creative Arts Birthing Class

Birth is exciting. Birth is amazing. Birth is powerful. Your childbirth class should be too.

Creative Arts Birthing is empowering, exciting, fun, as well as educational. In Creative Arts Birthing, parents become prepared physically, mentally, and emotionally. READ MORE HERE!

Find power in preparation for birth with Creative Arts Birthing!

Eight-week course. Classes on 6/6, 6/13, 6/20, 6/27, 7/11, 7/18, 7/25,8/1

  • Session 1: Preparing for Birth:Taking care of You During Pregnancy
  • Session 2: Bonding with Baby:Music Listening and Song Writing
  • Session 3: Using Music in Labor and Birthing
  • Session 4: Planning for Birth and Early Labor Techniques
  • Session 5: Active Labor Techniques
  • Session 6: Transition Labor Techniques
  • Session 7: Breathing Baby Down, Pushing, and Birth
  • Session 8: Preparing for Post Natal

Group rates: $75/mother & support person per session for 1-3 sessions; $50/couple per session for 4-8 sessions.

Private rates: $125 per session for 1-3 sessions, $100 per session for 4-8 sessions.

Book 4 or more sessions and get lifetime access to our playlist library on Spotify.

Book 8 sessions and bring a friend to one session for FREE.