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St. Louis Birth Rhythms is deeply committed to helping families in the St. Louis area enhance their birth experiences. St. Louis Birth Rhythms uses music therapy and other creative arts to support, educate, and prepare couples for birth. We offer doula support combined with music therapy and childbirth classes featuring creative arts.

Consider the music you hear daily. Department stores use peppy, positive music so you'll feel good and want to shop more. You change the songs and artists you listen to depending on your mood. Certain songs remind you of specific people or times in your life. And a hard workout is made easier with the right music.

Now consider what happens when you’re listening to music that is out of sync with your mood or circumstance. If your heart has been broken, do you want to hear a love song? When you want to sleep, do you want to listen to dance music?  Of course not, but this happens in birth all the time. 

As many stories do, the story of St. Louis Birth Rhythms started with a failure. Maura Marksteiner has been a music therapist for over 5 years when she was preparing to have her first son. She thought she knew how to pick out music for birth. But when her music didn't support her all the way through her labor, she knew there was a piece missing. 

Since then, she has pursued specialized training for music therapy in the birth setting. She discovered a passion and assembled a team of music therapists who are passionate as well. For the first time, your choices of doulas in St. Louis include St. Louis Birth Rhythms where we know how to tap into the power of music.

Music helps us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It can get us moving when we’re tired. Encourage and motivate us when we’re feeling frustrated. It can help us relax and even sleep.

While many of the doulas in St. Louis offer to use music to help you through your birth, we are the only ones who bring the therapeutic use of music to your birth. Creating a playlist for you isn't enough. In fact, using certain music at the wrong time can work against the labor process. You need someone with the clinical background to really know what will work for you.

Doula support combined with music therapy yields an amazing option when you're searching for doulas in St. Louis.  A St. Louis Birth Rhythms music therapist/doula can do all of that.

Our music therapy and doula services
-educate in a way that is creative and fun
-encourage families to think about their feelings about birth
-teach families how to use music and other creative arts in their daily lives
-support all families regardless of birth preferences
-create a safe space for learning and labor
-get you moving in labor
-help you relax
-empower families to have positive birth experiences
-create an ideal environment for bonding

We proudly offer this option to families in St. Louis who are looking for doulas.