family with one child and pregnant mother

St. Louis Birth Rhythms is deeply committed to helping families in the St. Louis area enhance their birth experiences. St. Louis Birth Rhythms uses music therapy and other creative arts to support, educate, and prepare couples for birth. We offer a Pregnancy Mentoring Program and doula support combined with music therapy to couples local to St. Louis, MO.

Pregnancy Mentoring Program

Being prepared for your birth can help you feel more confident, be more informed, and lower your risk for c-section and traumatic birth experiences. Yet, only 10% of families list their birth class as the most important resource in preparing for birth. 

Families today have more access to information and less time than ever. As a result, the weekly class model just doesn't work for many families. Birth preparation with a specialist needs to go deeper and be more flexible than it has in the past.

The Pregnancy Mentoring Program allows you to get in-depth information on your time. A combination of videos and monthly one on one consultations, the program is deeply  informative and individualized. 

The program tracks your baby's development and takes you on a journey of self-discovery so you build the skills to identify and advocate for your best birth experience. You will also learn about the labor process, the early post-natal period, and using essential oils, acupressure, and music for managing labor as well as staying comfortable during and after pregnancy.

This program provides support for your entire pregnancy and so it starts as soon as you are ready-don't delay. Remember to ask if you qualify to participate in this program for free.

Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth

Every family is different. Every birth is different. Every family has a history.

Birth is an individualized experience that benefits from the support of a doula. A doula takes the time to get to you know your individual family so that you can have continuous support from a person who knows you well.