Creative Arts Birthing Classes (CAB)

The Creative Arts Birthing Series (CAB) is different than other childbirth classes. At St. Louis Birth Rhythms, we use music and creative arts to educate as well as prepare for birth emotionally, mentally, and physically.

These childbirth classes take you through each stage of pregnancy, labor, delivery, and the peri-natal period. You and your support person will create art at each session. By the end of the series, you and your support person will have created an entire birth art gallery that you can take to your birth. The art is appropriate for all levels and what you create will surprise you.

And of course, every session at St. Louis Birth Rhythms includes music therapy. Not only do we use it during the session and art experiences, but we also help you learn to use music for your birth. You'll learn what goes into a great playlist and what kinds of music to have with you during birth.

We'll also talk about how to use music to prepare for birth during pregnancy. Things you can do now that will help you when you go into labor. Our clients who purchase four or more sessions, will get lifetime access to our playlist library.

Even if you have taken childbirth classes before, this series will add to your knowledge, understanding, and preparation for birth. No other class uses music and art to educate you about birth as well as prepare emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Eight-week course.

Group rates: $75/mother & support person per session for 1-3 sessions; $50/couple per session for 4-8 sessions.

Private rates: $125 per session for 1-3 sessions, $100 per session for 4-8 sessions.

Book 4 or more sessions and get lifetime access to our playlist library on Spotify.

Book 8 sessions and bring a friend to one session for FREE.

Are you ready to combine music, art, and education to prepare for birth emotionally, mentally, and physically? We limit the enrollment in our Creative Arts Birthing course to insure a comfortable setting.

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Email with any questions.

The CAB course was created by Sound Birthing Music TM.