Post-Natal Music Therapy


Sometimes adding a new child to your family can be harder than we expect. We expect sleep loss, crying, and dirty diapers, but there are times when things are even more challenging.

Perhaps a parent or a sibling is struggling to adapt. Perhaps the new baby stayed in the NICU. Perhaps something is just "off." In a world where new babies are seen as joyful and precious, what do you do when there is something standing in the way of that?

Music has the power to connect us and gently move us forward in our growth and recovery. Having a trained and certified music therapist can create opportunity, conversation, routine, and relaxation at a time when you and your family needs it most.

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St. Louis Birth Rhythms offers support for for families during times like these. Our board-certified music therapists can use music therapy to support and guide parents and babies during the immediate post-natal (post-partum) period, newborn, and early infancy periods (birth to 3 months).

Your program is customized for you and your family with your history, your birth experience, and any other concerns you have in mind. 

A music therapist can help you with

  • guidance in nurturing newborn development and communication 

  • learning parenting with intention

  • developing attachment and bonding

  • helping with the transition to parenthood

  • healing from birth trauma.

All of our therapists have extensive experience helping families with special needs. We bring that experience and understanding to special needs babies and families with other health concerns.

We can not predict when baby blues, post-partum depression, traumatic birth, or any other unexpected event will impact our growing families. At these times, we are honored to be part of your support system.

Our post-natal music therapy program was created by Sound Birthing Music TM.