Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth (MTACB)

A Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth (MTACB) combines music therapy with doula support during pregnancy and birth. This is a great time to use music to help your birth be a calm, connected, and powerful experience.

While your midwife, doctor, or nurse cares for the medical needs of pregnant and laboring women, doulas complete the team by caring for the non-medical needs of families.  Doulas help with everything from connecting you with care providers that can help with the aches of pregnancy to suggesting positions and movements during birth to helping initiate breastfeeding.

The music therapists at St. Louis Birth Rhythms are trained as doulas. We provide the doula support during pregnancy and labor as well as bring our expertise as music therapists. Our use of music is based on evidence and compliments our doula support. You get the benefit of having another powerful tool to use during your pregnancy and labor.


With this service, your music therapist-doula support begins as soon as the contract is opened. During your pregnancy, you have access to your music therapist through text, phone calls, and email. You can use this as much or as little as you want.

Clients often contact their music therapist-doula for:

  • More information about something they heard from a friend or read online
  • Information about birth preferences
  • Update the music therapist-doula about most recent appointments with providers
  • Talk to someone who understands when many other people do not
  • Get referrals to top professionals in the area

Your music therapist-doula will help you chose music from our playlist library. She will make sure you know how to use the music to prepare for birth.

During your birth, the music therapist-doula manages the music, provides encouragement to you and your partner, suggests labor positions, provides opportunities for partner to have a break, and much more. She stays with you for 1-2 hours after the birth. During your recovery at home, she meets with you during a peri-natal visit.

Since St. Louis Birth Rhythms is the only company in St. Louis offering music therapy combined with doula support, each month's birth availability is limited. Schedule an interview with a music therapist-doula from St. Louis Birth Rhythms today!


The MTACB service was created by Sound Birthing Music TM.