What I listened to at my birth

My first birth...where this all began. I had been working as a music therapist for over 5 years. I had this music for birth stuff in the bag. I took my birth classes, read my books, and strutted into that hospital prepared to OWN that birth.

I had been practicing with my music for weeks. I knew what song was going to come next on every playlist I had. But then labor went on..and on...and on... I noticed I didn't have as much music as I had thought. My labor was going on longer than the playlists!

So we made do. We played the playlists a few times each. And they worked...for a while.

But around 3 in the morning, I hit a wall. I wasn't owning my birth-it was owning me and not in a good way. The music that had given me so much energy and endurance earlier was annoying me now. I was tired. My monitors weren't staying on. I quit. I gave up, got in the bed, asked for an epidural and slept for the rest of my labor.

But around 3 in the morning, I hit a wall. I wasn’t owning my birth-it was owning me and not in a good way.

All in all, it wasn't a terrible ending. We were all safe and our birth was gentle. But I wondered why the music hadn't worked for me. Could it be that I was a music therapist who didn't respond to music?

A few years later, I came across Sound Birthing Music's Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth workshop. I learned so much about music AND about labor. These things weren't talked about in my birth classes. And I learned how to apply music to facilitate comfortable, supportive births for all families, all birth preferences.

There's no doubt about it-music is powerful. It's all around us-in our stores, our movies and TV shows because it creates an instant connection. It communicates with you, puts everyone on the same page, encourages you.

Don't let the power of music pass you by. Learn about this amazing tool. Get my top tips for making and organizing playlists so you're prepared for whatever labor sends your way.

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