Just doing a little reading...Want to Join?

I used to be in a book club. It was a great one. Everyone was fun, funny, smart. We drank wine, talked about the book, once we even interviewed the author! But in the last few years, I found my tastes were getting more...specific.

As I started a business, I found the only books I wanted to read were about business, birth, and babies. And while I might have been able to convince our club to read from one or two of those categories, it became clear that I needed to take a break.

But I've really missed the format-talking about a book, hearing what sticks out to someone else, and all the complex ways the themes fit into our worlds. And the topics of birth and babies are beyond fascinating. I just want to tell anyone who will listen what I've learned about our amazing babies/bodies/births.

What's more is that the information from these books would have helped me and my babies avoid a lot of frustration. I could have bonded with them more easily, read their communication more fluently, and enjoyed their first days, weeks, and months more if I had only know what was possible.

So St. Louis Birth Rhythms is offering a book club! Starting January 5, 2016;Meet us Tuesdays at Crossroads Family Chiropractic Center in Creve Coeur.

We're starting with "Babies Remember Birth" by psychologist David Chamberlain. Enroll now so we can have a loaner copy for you.