What a childbirth class could be...

What do you feel when you hear the words "childbirth classes?" When you imagine being in one, perhaps you expect to feel like this:

What about your partner? At best, he or she might expect to feel bored or left out in a class that is all about something happening to someone else's body (even if they love that person very much.) At worst, she or he might expect to feel like this:

Yep, childbirth classes get a bad rap. There are so many myths that surround them. You might wonder if it's worth the time and effort since the birth is going to happen regardless.

But what if childbirth classes were like this:

and this


and this

Creative Arts Birthing classes bring couples closer as they prepare for birth. During this class, we share information, listen to and create music, and create art to prepare for birth. You and your partner will learn about birth in a way that is fun and informative.

The class meets for eight two-hour sessions. Each session has music and art. You can sign up for all eight or just one depending on your schedule.

  • Book 4 or more classes and get lifetime access to our playlist library.

  • Book 8 classes and bring a friend to one class for FREE.

You can choose to take the course privately (just you, your partner, and the music therapist) or in a group of up to four other couples.

  • Private rates: $125 per session for 1-3 sessions, $100 per session for 4-8 sessions.

  • Group rates: $75/couple per session for 1-3 sessions; $50/couple per session for 4-8 sessions.

The next series starts on January 7, 2016 at Parenting Resources in South City.

Space is limited so inquire now!