Top 5: Things I can’t wait to do when I’m not pregnant anymore

"'Pretty' is something I rarely worry about at this point." Ditto for 'clean.' haha.

"'Pretty' is something I rarely worry about at this point." Ditto for 'clean.' haha.

I’m torn between being happy and being bummed about the coming end of my pregnancy.

  • My baby will no longer be a hands-free little being that gets fed by my body without me having to think about it.
  • He will no longer make himself known through quiet little kicks and movements (read: he will be noisy.)
  • And there will be diapers to change. Oh the diapers!!

On the other hand, there are quite a few things I’m looking forward to doing when I’m no longer pregnant.


In honor of this stage of my pregnancy …

The Top 5 Things I Can’t Wait to do


1.     Sleep on my back. I’m not even a back sleeper, but when you can’t do something for 20-ish weeks, you’re bound to start to feel deprived. Apologies in advance to the husband because I’m sure I’ll be sleeping in starfish position for weeks after the baby is born.

2.     Bend over. There may be nothing more futile than cursing gravity. All the same, I do it every day. Yes, it’s the same gravity that will help bring my baby out and make pushing more productive, but right now, bending over is the worst.

3.     Go for longer than 45 minutes between bathroom breaks. I'm staying hydrated to make sure I have enough fluids for me and my baby and keep premature labor away. Baby’s head and body weight are on top of my bladder. Enough said.

4.     Move my whole body without grunting. Laying down to sitting up. Grunt. Sitting up to standing up. Grunt. Getting up from off the floor. Grunting World Series. It’s required. In my mind, it helps make the movement easier. I know it’s not pretty. 'Pretty' is something I rarely worry about at this point.

5.     Go running. I am excited that this baby will be born at the beginning of summer so I can start to run. The bad part is that by the time I’m recovered enough to try, we’ll be in the middle of a St. Louis summer humid-fest. (I like a good sweat, but I like it to happen when I’m exercising. Not when I’m sitting on the couch in my undies.) And I realize going for a jog with two little ones at home might be more of a sweet fantasy than a reality. As a result, I put it at the end of the list.

Maybe nature makes us uncomfortable at this point so we’ll have extra motivation to push the baby out. Otherwise I might get too used to having an excuse to never have to help move furniture.

What about holding your older kids? Feeling like you have a waist? Giving/getting a hug without having to bend around the belly?

What do/did you miss most about not being pregnant? (Partners, you can get in on this too.)