Songs that Heal

Sometimes I find playlist inspiration when I'm not expecting to find it.

On Saturday, I went to the Tionol concert at The Sheldon. I’ve gone to the concert several years in a row and know that it’s always a great concert. This year was no exception.

I particularly enjoyed Cathie Ryan with Matt Mancuso and Patsy O’Brien. When she began singing, “Somewhere along the road someone waits for me…Beyond the present storms that blow…Waiting patiently…” I knew I had to get my hands on this song.

The next day, I took my son and his fiddle to the Tionol brunch at McGurks. He was hesitant to open his case and let people see he actually had a fiddle in it, but Cathie walked by and seemed so excited that this two-year old had brought his violin. When she encouraged him, he opened it right up. She has such a warm presence that he felt right at home with her. He didn’t even play the shy guy act! I took the opportunity to tell her how touched I was by her song the night before. She suggested a second song, and told me the lyrics. Even without her singing, I was brought to tears. “…And we walk the road together. All the way through wind and rain. I will never deceive my heart again. Hand in hand across the land we’ll walk the road together…” It was as if she knew exactly what I was looking for in a song. She said, “I’m always looking for songs that heal.”

Check out Cathie’s lovely voice on “Somewhere Along the Road” (written by Rick Kemp) on the album of the same name and “Walk the Road” (written by Kate Rusby) on the album Through Wind and Rain.


What are songs that you find healing?